Friday, 6 November 2009

Bank Aid. In which I appear to be chanelling Adam. Scary...

Well we're nothing if not topical in Frog Lane. So with the breaking news that RBS has just reported record losses at a cost of an average of £30 to each taxpayer last month, local philanthropist Adam Lloyd (aka The Twisted Omentum) decided he had to do something. So he invited a few celebrity friends round to his Frog Lane studio one evening with the promise of a free drink... (And we all know there's no such thing as a free drink...)

Could this be the next Christmas No 1? Possibly in Great Somerford. But only if The Fruitbats don't realease something first...

Ain't no stopping us now - Adam's already talking about scratch super-band(Keb)Abba recording a Wiltshire version of Portaloo. (Well, Sweden, Swindon - it's only a difference of a couple of letters...)


  1. Brilliant! And very good arm movements from the backing singer there. It jolly well should be the next Christmas No 1!

  2. "Movements", I think is the operative word, Chris. My voice was so bad they had to dub Adam's over the top...

  3. Why do you hide these gems? Absolutely wonderful (apart from a tad out of tune). It deserves much wider distribution. Do put it in the Common Room and maybe in other places too (like Private Eye!)