Saturday, 9 May 2009

Great Scott!

If you happened to miss yesterday's broadcast of Gardeners' Question Time, featuring Peter Tytherleigh's famous creeper and Bob Flowerdew's disappointing prognosis for my horse chestnut tree, you can still catch it tomorrow (Sunday May 10) at 2pm. Failing that, it'll be available on BBC iPlayer until next Friday. Unfortunately, I missed it, as I was in Bath with Janice and Sarah B, although my friend Jane texted me to tell me it wasn't too embarrasing. There's a piece in today's Telegraph (gardening section) about the allotments, too, with a lovely picture of the Jones family and Arthur - thankfully with his name spelled correctly. (Phew!)

Just back from the school plant sale in Crudwell, where I scooped some begonias, pelargoniums and the last tray of whispy lavetera. Interestingly, Bob Flowerdew stayed in Crudwell when he was up here for the recording, however he called it Crunchwell. Which I think sounds much nicer.

The Red Arrows were practising over the village yesterday - well, at least three of them. Looping the loop in tight formation, sending Brown Dog into a top spin. Thankfully peaceful today after yesterday's excitment - the only air activity going on here today is a kestrel hovering noislessly over an imagined shrew or a fieldmouse up on the Show Field.

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